Is there a pre-amp, or something( I'm new to this amp business) That will allow me to use my pc monitors/sub as guitar output? I've got about 1000 pounds worth of speakers/sound equipment on my pc, and I imagine there must be a program, peripheral that will simulate a bunch of amps. I thought, if I could try out different sounds, then I might be in a better position to buy an amp, if I ever start gigging, and need one.

Is there, what are my options, and are they any good?


p.s currently using a cheap marshal, but I'm selling(giving away) it, as it's ****.
Actually if you're running XP you can just get a 1/4" mono/3.5mm stereo adapter and plug directly into you mic port on your computer if you want to do it the cheap way. No software needed. Recording you would obviously need software though

EDIT: I just noticed you were wanting to do some modeling. Can't help you there, sry haha
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amplitube 2 is the **** to go with,
the only thing you'll need is some kind of guitar interface, to connect your guitar to your computer as your line-in won't work. i've got on from behringer, it costed me €60, but there's a lot of other stuff you could use.
There are a couple different virtual amp softwares. The best and most realistic sounding imo are Waves GTR and Peavey ReValver. I've heard good things about Amplitube 3 as well.

As for interfaces there are a ton of options. I have a WAVES/PRS Guitar Interface, because I wanted something fool proof that I couldn't messup, but if you have that much equiment, there's probably something already that will allow you to hook your guitar to computer