do things you order online like guitars and amps do they usually get damaged?
well, usually they are packaged well, but sometimes if you're unlucky they can get damaged in shipping.
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Meh, I never buy stuff from stores except stuff you cant really get online. I just got my rockerverb 50 in the mail the other day, not a scratch on it, perfectly packaged. Just ordered the orange 412 too, so hopefully the same thing happens.
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I have ordered one amp, 2 guitars, and a Pox x3 pro. All were from american musical supply and they were packaged very well. The actual box of the item was inside another box. And each physical box, for the amp, pod and guitars were untouched, undented and flawless. So I feel very comfortable ordering online and I do it from AMS whenever possible.
not usually. you're unlucky if it is damaged, but it can happen, as blompcube says.

also, make sure you buy from a store which will accept all the risk in the unlikely event that it is damaged- you want to be buying from a store which will immediately either refund your money or send you a replacement if it is damaged in the post.

bear in mind that there's a lot of argument about whether you should buy from a local store or whether you should buy online (guitars even of the same model can feel and sound slightly different etc.)- suffice to say there are arguments for either, and it really depends on what your personal situation is...
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