The first track on the myspace player - "Old Souls".

This is my first cut at this song, I will probably make some modifications to it later so looking for some feedback on what might improve it. Some listens I'm pretty happy with it, others I feel like its awful.

Drums are done with cheap software. Guitars are using guitar rig 3 demo and M-audio fast track for recording.

I put an effect on the vocals because I am a pretty ****ty singer at the best of times, but with a distorted guitar my normal voice just sounds wrong.

Will C4C any comments/critiques!
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ok, your recording could use some help. just cut out that bit of that hum. i like the lyrics and melody, and it really reminds me of the white stripes with the vocal effects...but it's tooo much. it hurts my ears.
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Thanks, I know exactly the hum you're talking about (i think anyways). With the voice effect I turn input down to nil and output to max but it still remains a bit - altho a lot less brutal than the default setting.

I've been thinking of buying an actual mic to record with, right now I just use a headset usb mic
My Gear
Epi Les Paul
Roland Microcube
Boss DS-1 pedal
Shure SM57
M-Audio Fasttrack
sounds really different
nice groove as well
check out mine
a little less on the vocal effect though
say 50% input, 50% output from what you're talking about
that might work better
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Wasn't bad. I like the vocal effect but it does get to be a bit much by the end. Overall, cool tune though!