I am shopping around for a little nicer guitar. Right now it is between three

Minarik Lotus
Minarik Goddess
PRS Singlecut SE Trem

I'm open to suggestions of other guitars(sub 1000 please), give me any information!!! I will be mainly playing a lot of Coheed type sounds! Thanks
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The only Minarik I've played was the model that looked like flames. Besides being weird to play sitting down it had a nice neck and felt pretty solid. If this reflects upon their other instruments they're built to last.
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Thanks Flux, i've played both of the Minarik guitars and some PRS SE models. the Goddess didn't seam to play as well as the lotus but it could of been how it was setup.
Both the Minariks look nice. I have met a few PRS but never found one that warranted the price tag. But these are all pretty similar so I suspect will sound quite similar. Then its just down to which you feel better with.