I play classical/acoustic guitar for abouth 6 months and I think its time for me to get a electric guitar. I have about 400€ to spend and I was thinking about buying the Ibanez GRX70DX Jumpstart pack:


If you think its a bad idea and there are better guitars/packs out there please let me know. I play mostly metal and some rock.
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That should work ok for ya, you'll get everything you need and while it's not great it's certainly playable. If you can try the guitar out before you buy. It'll probably need a good setup when it comes out of the box, your local guitar shop should be able to hook you up.
with 400 euro you should be able to do better than that... you should be able to get a yamaha pacifica 112v or ibanez rg321 + roland microcube/cube30x (don't get the 15x or 20x, they don't have the amp models).
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