Recently my guitarist in my band has bought a Gibson 335, and needless to say, it sounds HUGE! It's an amazing guitar, the only thing is, that because it has so much presence and power, I'm being drowned out by it. I'm using an American Deluxe Strat with HSS pickups!

Does anyone have any recommendations for a guitar that would hold it's own with a 335, but with a bit more mids and his?
Im looking at some PRS, particularily the Hollow Spruce one, but being from Ireland there ain't alot of places that sell PRS, nevermind the Hollow Pruce one, and guitar shops generally don't have that much of a huge selection that shops in the States of UK would have...
You've already got a nice guitar. What amp are you using? And what is he using?
Turn up the mids on your amp, that should help you cut through the mix a lot more.
Well it depends, in our practice space we just have Marshall MG combos because we can't afford to leave our proper ones there or lug them around to it for every practice, but for the bigger headlining gigs and support slots and in the studio i generally use a Dual Rec and he uses a Fender Hot Rod Deville. Which is why its all the more frustating, what has more beef than a dual rectifier right?

Perphaps new PUP's are in line, I'm still using the stock ones.

Maybe i'm just looking for any excuse for a new guitar :P
I'd be hesitant in buying a 335 esque guitar because I wouldn't want an exact same sounding guitar! The PRS hollowbody isn't like the gibson ones, it's just a normal PRS hollowed out!

Has anyone had any experience with the gretsch jet? I've never seen one in a shop over here, but I'm keen to hear one!