Hi everyone,

In a few weeks me and my band will play at a gig through a Line 6 Flextone amp. I was wondering if I could put my Zoom G2 pedal in front of it and run it through a clean (moddeling) channel and get a good sound? Normally modeling + modeling = crappy sound but from what I've heard you can get ok results if you run it through the 'line 6 clean' or 'jazz clean' setting. (the flextone doesn't have a setting that bypasses the amp moddeling)

Normally I'd just stick to using only the line 6 but it probably won't have a footswitch so I can't switch from clean to distortion and back that way. Does anyone here have any experience with running a moddeling pedal through a line 6 flextone? And please don't let this thread turn into a 'omg line 6 sux get a toob amp' discussion.
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I don't think Line 6 sucks.

Normally, I would say don't do it but I have NOT even played with either of those to know.

Yes, I think the jazz channel would be a good place to start.

So you don't have access to a Flextone now?. If Forsaknazrael doesn't see this post up in the Which Amp Sticky or PM him. He's a cool dude.

is there a "line in", or an FX loop return on the flextone? if so, run the zoom into that. that way, the modeling will be bypassed

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Check if it'll have a footswitch. I'd rather use the Flextone for everything - it'll sound better than your Zoom, methinks.

Thats what I was thinking.

If you're looking to add onto the clean tone, you would go guitar>zoom>flextone. If you're looking for better effects I would try an effects loop if they have one, if not then I don't think I would bother using the Zoom.
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i'm betting the G2 will cost more than the pedal that you can get to control the flextone, also the G2 probably won't sound as good as the inherent tone of the flextone.
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