i just had a floyd installed and it KICKS ASS! the one thing that bothers me is the tremolo arm is loose i want it to stay in place and not move. how can i do this?
depends does it slide in or screw in, if it slides in theres nothing you can do.
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you should be able to twist it in, if its a floyd rose that big bulbus part at the bottom that connects the bar to the tailpiece is what you should tighten, i think that will do what you want, if its like a fender style one, just twist it in till its tight, i have a floyd as well, but i have yet to toy with it as it didnt come with an arm, and they're out of stock of the pro line one
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You have a new Floyd that screws onto the bridge and not into it correct? has a collar on the bar? Just tighten that collar more. Also, what it could be is the actually hole you put the trem arm into could be loose also. Take the proper size allen key (I think its the same that you tighten the nut bolts with) and from the back of the guitar you can tighten it there. No need to over tighten, thumb pressure is enough. Same goes for tightening the string in the saddle and tightening the nut. No need to crank on it. Personally I like my trem arm to dangle like a head arm
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thanks dsotm80 you were right on.

No problem. So which was it? You needed to tighten it from the back with the allen key huh? It happens, gets loose sometimes. Might need to do it again in the future but no big deal.
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