Hello everyone, I just got my first ever bass yesterday, and unfortunately I'm a complete beginner and I don't know a lot..
My problem is most of the time when I hold down a string, it makes an extremely loud rattling/vibrating noise. I'm not sure what to do about it, because it's making trying to play the bass more difficult. It never happens when I play an open note, only when I hold down a fret.
could also be, holding a fret, like actually pressing the string to the metal fret? try pressing between the frets ie: if you play a Bb, so A# really, like the 6th fret on the top string, press between the 5th and 6th to sound the note, instead of the 6th metal fret.
um..........uhhh...................uhhhhhh...............thats a bass guitar no :P

well it could be the strings..............or maybe your not applying your finger properly.........or maybe its out of tune!.............wheres the noise coming from anyway/?????
@Tabmaster- Ok, I'll try that. I'll have to look around to see how to do that first though, haha..

@beastman- Yeah, I press in between them, so I don't think thats the problem.

@Methyl- I tuned it not too long ago, and I think the sound is coming from the string itself.
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It's fret buzz. This means that your action is too low and the string hits the other frets while it vibrates. Raise your action and it should go away.
Or, it could be possible that your fingers aren't string enough to fret a bass properly yet.

However, a good start would be to give the bass a proper setup. That means adjusting the truss rod, the action, and then the intonation.
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i got a similar problem with my bass that i got a few weeks ago. when you press frets (especially near the top of the neck) you get a vibration between the next fret and the string. Doesn't make a difference how hard or lightly the fringer is pressed or where. playing extremely quietly helps but is obv not practical as such, i got told to take it to a shop to sort it out if you don't feel comfotable sorting out the problem by doing a bass setup. hope it helps you too