this is the third time i brought up amps, and what kinds are the best for me or anyone who would like to know. I play hard rock and classic metal,Kinda randy rhoads era ozzy, im looking for an amp that would be good for practice and if needed being used for small gigs, anywhere from 30w to 100w would work. my budget is $350, and the three amps im looking at are line 6 spiderIII 75w, a vox valvetronix vt30w , and a fender frontman 212r 100w, out of all these which one would be the best, and if youdont like any of them, what dou you guys suggest?
o yeah, a few built in effects would be nice, but they arent totaly necesary
I wouldn't recommend getting a vox. The amount of effects on it aren't really necessary. My brother has one and it takes forever to do anything on it. You better of just getting pedals or a pedal that has a bunch or effects like a digitech, boss, etc. I have a crate 120w and it sounds pretty good. I don't use the rhythm distortion only the lead distortion which sounds great despite what people say about crates.

EDIT: why does everyone hate spiders? i played one at GC and it sounded alright on insane mode with a Schecter.
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None of those.

I'd say get a Peavey Vypyr, kills all these amps like a madman recently released from the asylum.