Firstly, had a small gig 3 nights ago, i made the mistake of going on drunk (the bassist/drummer were alright) as i was extremely nervous.

Everything seemed to go alrite, but apparently during a jam i launched into a mini song. I remember it but not vividly in the slightest, but we record the shows with an old tape player and ive written the lyrics that i made up on the spot! Its not my style, it seems very depressive, political and negative, which isnt me.
Here it is (i think its accurate i was sort of mumbling lol, got a cheer at the end though!)

Dying kids, no food
start wars, soldiers do
killing old, need money
hit and run, knife and gun
kill a cop, wear his suit
prison cell, brain shoot
mental shell, raping girls
big tools, ****íng fools
dont vote, get sh1t
live alone, when shes gone,
government, rape the poor
end it all, when their born

Im aware these arent good lyrics at all, but i thought itd be interesting to show you how being away from your normal state of mind can GREATLY change the way you write, in this case its been a change in theme and structure.
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