Crate XT120R combo amp in pristine condition, works perfectly, hardly ever used. I can speak from personal experience with it: it's a fantastic amplifier. I only want to sell this amp because it's simply too loud for my needs. I very rarely play it beyond the lowest volume setting, because any louder would upset the neighbors.

120 watts of solid state power, dual 12 inch drivers, reverb, cd input. 3 selectable channels, Solo, Rhythm, and Clean. Each channel has it's own volume control, and there's separate 3 band EQ's for the clean and rhythm/solo channels. Included is a footswitch for toggling reverb and channel selection. $400 new from guitar center. Asking $200. Shipping is an additional $30-$70, exact rate when I get your location.

User Manual:

I might be interested in this. What would total be (including shipping to 62454)?

Thanks man.