I was wondering what the difference was between a bigsby and a floyd rose/ whammy bar
Looks, and stability and amount of pitch change google image them and youll see.
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They're both "tremolo" units, but they operate so differently and are meant for such different thing (bigsby=slight warble, FR=anything from warble to insanse divebombs) they're hard to compare.
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what has been already said, and wammy bar is just a slang term for any kind of tremolo system.
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a bigsby can also only usualy go down, while a floyd can heighten or lower the pitch of the strings, one more thing, a floyd rose is locked at the nut so the strings wont be thrown out of tune as easily, while the bigsby or any other wammy or tremelo will usually throw the strings out of tune unless you have really good or locking tuners