So my strat is noisy. Really noisy. I want to shield it to get rid of some of that nasty hum I'm getting. I replaced the stock pickups with some Rockmonkeyguitar pickups (fantastic btw). The hum isn't from those pickups because I know what regular 60 cycle hum sounds like, and this is more than that. So about shielding, if I cover the back of the pickguard and cover the cavity with aluminum foil will that be enough to get rid of most of the noise? Or is there more I have to do?
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if you do a good job, I can say from experience, the guitar will be silent in most conditions simply with the use of aluminum foil. Pretty much you'd have to be right next to a t.v. or computer or other such device for it to be buzzing. But aluminum foil doesn't shield from all sources of buzzing, just like copper tape (the more expensive option) doesn't shield from all sources of buzzing, so a lot of techs recommend shielding a guitar with both, but to be perfectly honest either aluminum or copper tape will reduce the hum to a point of it not being a problem at all. Keep in mind that the source of the hum may also be a grounding issue, so make sure everything is grounded properly and that there aren't any ground loops in the electronics.