So I've been playing over a year now, and do play regularly, and so you're probably now thinking, so why are you asking about pikcing action...

My picking action is probably the most standard method, pick on the side of the finger, and thumb on top... but I tend to find this not adequate for all methods, like, it'll be good for strumming power chords, but when I go to play lead on single strings, or I want to hit a pinch harmonic, I have to adjuct the pick position. I also, when putting the pick in my standard position, have the problem that it starts near the tip of my finger, but when I start playing lead, it'll slowly slip down my finger until I find my hand closed. Any recommendations? Something I'm doing wrong? I think it might be the reason I make so many mistakes, because I don't feel completely confident in my right hand, it needs to be out of my mind.


(I have googled stuff like picking action, it's all the same, standard picking method...)