My computer keeps switching off, like the power is being cut off.

I've checked all the cables, even cleaned the whole computer.

Anyone hve any idea's what the **** is happening?
Dude, get a Dell.

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Power supply is on it's way out.

Get a new one.

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yea, my computer did that before, i bet someone has worked on ur computer and changed the operating system?
well they deleted something very important, and the onlything to fix it is to restart the whole pc, get rid of everything and reload in the back up disks just like you just got the computer. /
to save your files that you have i suggest you get an external drive and put everything on that, thats what i do.
Could be like a wiring problem in your house...My old (was actually a new house) house had some stupid thing where the power flickered off and on really fast where most things were'nt effected but the computer would turn off.

We got a battery back up (like 70 bucks) and it never did it again.

EDIT: Oh yeah, we went through about 3 power supplys before getting one (stupid us) so yeah...
Depending on what you're doing it could be several things. The two obvious ones I can think of is that your Power Supply is dying, or your computer is overheating. If it restarts when you're playing games (CPU and GPU intensive task) then I'd say your PC is running too hot.

edit: Also check the cables running to the Power Supply. The ones in your case, not the ones on the outside. Make sure they're all connected properly.
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Overheating probably, have u tried vaccuum cleanin the inside?

No i have not, but we did that before and it was fine
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no-one said you need a new computer, get a new power supply. They're not expensive.
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Overheating probably, have u tried vaccuum cleanin the inside?

This, Apparently your supposed to use compressed air not vacuum cleaners though.
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