First of all,im not sure if i posted in right section,sorry if its not correct.

Heres mine story & request!
Im a beginner in guitar playing, i play since like 5 months and im not really satisfated with what can i do.I play electric guitar,a cheap gear to start with.Friend whos also a beginner told me some basics about how to read tabulature,some chords and so on but he gave up and i got no idea what should i do.I've learned some simple intros/riffs but i feel like im going to nowhere with it.
I've got alot of time and patience and i really want to learn but i have no idea what should i learn/practise to start creating mine own music/play difficult songs made by famous guitarists.I've read about scales,keys,different styles of picking (i was like wow theres more than 1?) but i dont really understand what are some things for,what should i do with it.I'd love to follow such guitarists as jimi hendrix,angus young,synyster gates and many more.
I've checked the lessons section on the main site but i dont know whats most important,what to start with,what should i remember forever,whats are some things for etc.

I'd be really thankfull if someone creates a way a beginner should follow.
get a teacher.
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step one : learn the chords, tehre very important
step two: get a couple scales down: E minor pentatonic, major scale, minor scale IMPORTANT
step 3: leanr a couple simple songs that u wanna do to keep things fun, try something slightly beyond your level of playing, it makes you improve faster. start the song slowly, and gradually build up speed
step 4: keep learnign new songs
step 5: try learning some musical theory. time signatures, modes, harmonics, melodics
step 6: keep learning new songs, and continue improving

always continue playing and improving
keep things fun
find warm up and strength building excersizes, very important
find a guitarist you really idolize, try to copy his style, then move on to another guitarist, and so on.
over time, the styles you pick up from these guitarists will merge into one, and become your style, and throw in things unique to you.
try writing your own songs

im living in a small city and i seriously doubt theres someone who could teach me something about guitar.ill look around anyway,thanks

thanks! that some usefull tips.
Im working on few songs now (purple haze by jimi hendrix & psychopathy red by slayer) and i was like '~~~~ im done' when i heard psychopathy red solo :P i think ill get the speed if i train it slowly at first and i see some results but im getting better kinda slow so im wondering if there are any other exercices (than those at 'lessons') to improve mine speed? maybe some more effective ones or something.