So, I keep losing my picks, but thats just because I'm really unorganized. The actual problem is the thin/thickness of picks. Most of my picks are heavy or medium, but I've gotten down to the thin picks recently and for some reason they feel more comfortable. Pinching is easier, you can't hear the pick hitting the string as much when I fast pick but you can hear the sound clearer, and alternate picking on different strings feels a lot easier. But then I lost my last thin pick. So I thought, well, what the hell, most guitarists can play with any kind of pick. So I grabbed the last pick I had, which was a fender heavy, and started playing, and I SUCKED. It just felt so clumsy and big.

Now, here is the question, is this because I get myself used to one kind of pick so I can't go back to the other? And should I buy an equal amount of heavy and light and use them equally so I can get used to both, or should I just buy one type of pick and stick with it?

The answer is kinda right in my face but I want clarification.

Also, ever since I got my jackson flying V I noticed that whenever I pinch on the 5th fret or any lower fret than that, the pinch doesn't sound out at all and all you hear is the regular bend. My volume is all the way up, on metal distortion, and gain is all the way up. Its on my microcube amp. I'm thinking I could just be having problems with pinching but any fret higher and it sounds out. Another thing is that this wasn't a problem on my Fender strat.

So if you could take the time to help, thanks.
I wouldn't worry about the pick thing too much, if you want to swap things around so you're happy to play with thick or thin that's cool but I'd just stick with what you're comfy with.
As far as the pinch thing goes, I'm not certain but possibly the V has a different scale length to your strat (someone who knows more can correct me here) If so, you may have to adjust where you pinch the string to get your harmonic. I find this when I switch between my LP and LTD. you may just have to try pinching at different points along your string and see what works.
Hope this helps
^ this, you have to try different lengths around the pups until you find it man
try jazz picks aswell, they are great
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Heard a lot of people say you should get used to using hard picks for faster picking as it involves using actual hand technique and you can become more accurate. err maybe the word i'm looking for is 'articulate'. Anyways, I myself believe in whatever you like the feel of best... I usually use a medium thickness for the electric, although I might go a little lighter on the acoustic. I started using "cats tongue" style picks (if you were to feel a cats tongue it would feel like that haha) cause it gives me an awesome grip and feels a lot more firm and comfortable between your thumb and finger. Simple but effective.
As for the pinch harmonics, it's a matter of getting used to the new guitar I'd say, man!