Hey guys,
what is the difference between the Washburn D10SCE (link) and the Alvarez RD20SC (link)

thing is, I bought an Alvarez RD20SC on eBay for $260 after shipping, but it's what Alvarez calls "almost perfect"
today, I saw a Washburn D10SCE sell for $140 after shipping and it was used. but the store fixed the string buzzing that they found on it.
What are the differences between the two guitars?
And did I get jipted or did I get it at a decent price?
i have that alvarez in black its a great guitar and no u didnt get jiped on either though i dont know much about the washburn there both great guitar brands
because when I saw that washburn on ebay sold for $140 my jaw almost dropped.
an acoustic electric that sells for $410 being sold for $140 is unbelievable
I only got like $90 off the store price, but the one I ordered is new.
yea its a good deal i would have gone with the alvarez my self but thats jsut cause i know more about them if u think of it let me know how u like it
alright I will,
btw this is my first acoustic, been playing electric for around 9 months and I want to check out the acoustics and see how I like them. Although I love the electric guitar so much, I want to be able to just chill out in the middle of the night and play w.e without plugging my guitar in.