Hey all, I am looking to a buy a guitar in the ranges of 200 - 500 pounds but I am willing to go that little bit extra for example £50

I am looking for a guitar which will suit mostly rock styles but will also sound good for metal (mainly metallica) I am a rhythm guitarist but sometimes solo if I can physically do the solo

what guitar would be best for me?
I have a Marshall100DFX amp

please advise thanks,
All your going to hear it to get a better amp... However I would suggest going to your local music shop and asking to try the guitars in your price range, especially the ones the poeple in the shop recommend for metal. Good Luck!

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try out schecters. they are relatively cheap, and very heavy.
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try out schecters. they are relatively cheap, and very heavy.

he's not kidding those guitars weigh a lot compared to toher guitars, but they also get a nice crunch i have one myself, but they are so overweight its like a LP only bigger
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get a new amp. trust me, you'll regret it if you dont

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