I'm looking to invest in a tube amp that could do everything from metalcore to jazzy things like some of the stuff opeth does to some of the lead tones bands such as riverside get. Any opinions? Combo amps or just heads would be fine and I'm hoping to keep it at less than $1000.
used mark IV.

but if your looking for opeth lead tones, look into laney.
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Not a used Mark IV, too expensive...but a used Mesa F-30 or F-50 would be great for you. You can snag em off of craigslist and ebay used for $600-900 USD usually.
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how does the distortion on the f-30 or f-50 compare to that of the rectifiers?
The Egnater Rebel 20 is a pretty versatile amp. it has two sets of tubes that you can dial in for more American or British sounding tones, a 1-20 attenuator and bright (high end.) and Tight (low end) boosts.
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If you want Opeth flexibility (I did) get a Laney. That's what they play and they're good for all sorts of stuff, the tone controls make big differences.

You can find them on craigslist for very reasonable prices. Also if you can afford it buy a decent cab/speakers because Laney's can sound a little thin through cheaper speakers.
Opeth use a GT-6(8?) for the distorted tone.
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