I was wondering if there was a good distortion pedal for classic rock/80's hard rock music. I like to play: Van Halen, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Guns N Roses, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. IF you guys could give me some ideas for a good classic rock distortion pedal that'd be great.

Price Range: None

Guitars: Gibson Firebird Studio, Epiphone G-400

so...if your getting a new amp, why do you need to buy a distortion pedal?
What new amp are you getting? You might as well just get one that can do most of all the tones described.
I don't know exactly what I'm getting yet but these are the ones I had in mind:

- Marshall JCM 800
- Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
- Mesa Boogie Roadster
- Marshall TSL 122
- Bugera 333xl combo

If you have an opinion on which one I should buy feel free to tell.
Probably the JCM800 or Mesa Roadster...

Idk how the Bugera got stuck in there with the rest of those amps. Especially if you have the budget for a Mesa Dual Rectifier or Roadster...
I think that if you must get a pedal to go with the JCM800 that you should get (hint hint). It should be a tubescreamer or one of its many clones. That will give you the nice mid hump to kick you into a clearer solo tone, or even just add bite to your rhythm playing.