Well Zoom pedals are ****, full stop. If its only for practice and you don't have a lot of cash go for one of them, but if its for anything else stay right away.
aha, i was having this dilema last february lol, i went with a digitech rp350 in the end (craaaaaaaazy discount at local shop, 1/2 price lol) and i love it (reliable, tons of stuff to do on it), so i'd reccomend trying an RP.

but ive also heard really good stuff about the zooms, about sound quality etc. the GFX-1 has an expression pedal, but the G2 has more features (my memory rules!!!) i think you get more fun out of a gfx-1 or an rp!

hope thats vaguely helpful lol
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The RP150 is not very great either TBH. Yes, it has lots of effects that are decent, but their quality is pretty low. I would save up some more cash if you want to buy a multieffect or start with single pedals.