I'm contemplating getting a BOSS DS-1 as part of my rig.

I already have the BOSS MD-2 Mega Distortion, so I'm wondering if it'd be a waste of money.

I play hard rock, grunge, metal and a lot of lead stuff.
modded its pretty good but stock it's really thin and tinny. I'd get something different. Do you want it as a boost or as added dist. on top of the MD-2?
my fab metal pedal has more distortion than my DS-1 i use it mainly to cut off the volume when im not playing but dont want to turn off the amp, ive never used the MD so i cant say dont get it, but i think it doesnt get enough distortion
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Boss Ds-1 has a really shrilly sound, but if you set it up right it can do some pertty decent distortion. i use mine for traditonal christrin rock, like the stuff usally plaeyed at churches. hard to imagian but i figured it out. and i also use it to play chevelle type stuff. i think its worth the $40, even if you just use it as a boost.
I have a Wylde OD as a boost. I'd like a pedal that has versatility but not as much bottom end. Having said that I've never given it much chance, soooo... I unno.

Money's not that much of an object but I'm not spending silly money.