What Guage strings do you use, and what do you think of other guages??? how much thought have you put into that, and what do you like about the guage you use?
I currently use .11-.54 gauge strings (Ernie Ball Beefy Slinky). I started off using .9-.42 gauge strings (Ernie Ball Super Slinky), and by comparing the two noticed how much your fingers are strengthened when you use bigger strings. As stated on the packaging of the .11 gauge strings, they are optimal for detuning. If you play in D or C tuning, you will notice how much better your guitar sounds. If you are going to be playing music that doesn't require much detuning, you should probably stick with 9's or 10's. I've broken 3 high e's (9 gauge) and 1 low E (42 gauge) in the year I've been playing guitar. After I switched to 11's, I haven't broken a single string. I've been detuning my guitar frequently with the 11's, more frequently than the 9's, and I've noticed they're durable. I also have noticed that you have to work your fingers more with higher gauges (obviously).

I love my 11's. <3
Personally I like my strings 10-52, light top-heavy bottom (just like my women ) that way it's still easy to wail away on your higher strings and you get the chunkyness on the lower end. I tune down most of the time and I find the hybrids give you enough tention so they're not flapping around all over the place when you in D or C and they're not unmanagable when you're at concert pitch.