So I haven't bought a tuner since I started playing but now I feel as if my ear is losing its touch so to say. Well i'm thinking about getting a regular chromatic tuner and pedal tuner. Thinking of a Planet Waves pedal tuner, and a Korg DT-4 compact chromatic tuner, or a Fender PT-100 with some kind of chromatic tuner. But I was just wondering to all you people who have way more experience w/tuners than I have, is if you think that having a compact tuner and a pedal tuner is too many tuners. Thanks
I wouldnt think there would be a need unless you arent always playing through your pedal chain and want to have a tuner to check quick like when you play acoustic
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The pedal tuner would probably be the most accurate by far.

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it depends if your running your guitar through a whole chain of pedals and just want to check if you're in tune before the next set, then pedal tuners the way to go, id suggest the fender pt-100, my teacher has it and it is dead on. but if you're just jamming around and dont even really feel like having to hook your guitar up to any pedals, then you could run it through a standard guitar/bass handheld tuner, if so i suggest a korg theyre pretty reliable. but if you want to compramise between the two you can get this http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/Intellitouch-PT1-Tuner?sku=211051
then you wont even have to plug your guitar into, well.... anything not a handlheld tuner, or a pedal tuner. it all depends on your taste. but the most accurate i would probably say would be a pedal tuner
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I have a Korg Pitchblack on my pedalboard and a Korg handheld type in my guitar case.