Does anyone have any advice for learning how to play this solo up to speed over time? I have been just learning the song from lick library and would appreciate any advice on how to get faster at the first solo. I would appreciate any advice, especially from those have learned the song and know how difficult it is.
when i learned it, i took the tempo down REALLLY SLOW and tried to learn it piece by piece.
It a hard ass solo, but i think you can pull it off.
Also, whenever i cant play a lick, i usally resort to tapping it out, its cheap, yes ill admit it, but it works
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practice practice practice, try playing the easier solo (whether it be first or second etc.) than move on to the harder one.

I know for a fact the first solo is a lot easier.
There is also a break in the first solo after the break is the other half of the solo, it is alot easier to play that part, learn that!
This is one of my favorite solos of all time. learning this solo depends on a few factors
1.Do u read music or tab
2.Do u want to learn it exactly the way Randy Rhoads played it or would u like to play it in a way that sounds like yourself, but as an extension of yourself with Randy's influence.

When i was learning this solo i broke it down and figured out the scales and licks he was using in the song, then i would practice whatever was needed to do those licks like legato and repetitive phasing and such. Make sure to play with a metronome and listening to the song at the same time would help, But most importantly , use your ears. If something doesn't sound right then u need to work on it. If u read tab, remember that u don't have to follow the tab like color-by-number. Try doing some lick in different positions that suit u better