I just recently purchased a used Peavey XXX head, but I don't have a cabinet to run it through.

I was wondering what type of cabinet would be best to use with it. I'm aiming to replicate A7x, bullet for my valentine, three days grace, and everything around that area.

My budget is $300, but the cheaper the better and if its alittle more than i can go there. I'm also ok with used stuff.
Yeap avatar 2x12 with v30s is 309 + 39 shipping. Exactly what you wanted. Im getting one too
Avatar, Lopoline or Vader cabinets.
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Greg what did you send me??
Avatar or Port City
Both are made here in the USA, not China(no offense).
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And you're right

Gibson>Moog>KJL>Homebrew 2x12

Saving 4 any one of these:
Soldano Hot Rod
Splawn (anything)
Laney GH50L
Cornford Roadhouse
Marshall JCM2000
KJL 4x12 to match KJL head