Sorry, no pics yet.

It is a Fernandes Gravity 4 (Black hardware).

It is transparent blue.

It looks alot like this one:
Except mine has 24 frets, the one pictured has 22 (the description says 24).

I am currently building a kinda replica of old ampeg amp (link in sig), so I played it through an ampeg while I was at the store. I payed $300 for it.

It plays great, and sounds great too. I'm kinda new to bass, but I thought this sounded good. I was looking for a Fender with a J/P setup, but the only one I liked the sound and feel of was 3 times more than this guitar.

Any opinions on my new bass? Did I get ripped? Did I do good? Will I burn in hell?
sounds nice, Fernandez are a long lasting bunch.
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