My Kimaxe has some wear and tear on her and I'm going to replace some of the tarnished/broken/missing pieces. Up for order is a new pickup selector, pickup rings, and various screws across the thing. Since I never use the OFR and since it has some pretty heavy tarnish I thought about replacing it with a hardtail system. It would look kinda goofy having new shiny hardware on my baby with a tarnished OFR in the middle of it. Is there such a replacement available? All the hardware on this guitar is gold btw.

I've retrofitted wraparounds into guitars that came with Floyds before, but I've always had to hand carve a block to fill up the void thats left. This usually isn't an issue because I can paint the block to match the guitar very closely... if it's not a transparent finish. The Kimaxe has a trans red and finding mahogany the same color as this body would be a major challenge.
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