Problems with search engines? I just tried to Google something, and every result came up as spam. I've got AVG and it's scanning my computerm but it has yet to find anything. I also tried using different browsers and search engines, with no change. Here's a screenshot to help illustrate (look at the URLs):
whys your taskbar at the side you can't even read to see what it is...
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EDIT: So it is just me? T_T

Yah I think so... I tried it before and i was like... gross...
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I thought it was illegal for women to use the internet.
That's unordinary.
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check ur search preferences? make sure they r set right, that could be the problem. either that or u might have a virus or annoying cookies ****ing with it

Edit:u weren't on any porn sites recently, were u?
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You have Spyware. I had a virus that completely fucked my computer over a few weeks ago, and the same thing happened to me. You'll need to install Spybot or something to remove it.

EDIT: Do they open in new tabs when you click them? If so: www.safer-networking.org/
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