Ok, i know i need monitors i read the stickies and all, but my question is, will they reallymake a difference on my sound? this is my setup guitar>toneport>a regular pc> and i have some phillips speaker which cost me around 70 dollars they are nice i think.
buying monitors means spending some 300 dollars more, also i use guitar tracks pro and after im doen recording everything i just adjust the volumes of everything to where it sound good through my speakers adn im done, will the monitor really change/improve my mix that much? my music is in my signature. Thanks
did you listen to them>? i mean i listen o them on my ipod , on my car and i gtota tell you i heared worst...there not that bad sounding, not pro but you know ok.
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also i found these on another thread, i have no idea what they are or where they are or how to adjust them in guitar tracks pro

+9 dB LF

-12 dB MF at 400

+6 dB HF

Rhythm Guitar 1 (Cleanest)

+3 dB LF

+6 dB MF at 2.5 kHz

Rhythm Guitar 2

+1.5 dB LF

+6 dB MF at 4.0 kHz

+1.5 dB HF

Lead Guitar

+6 dB MF at 5 kHz

+3 dB HF

Lead Vocal

+3 dB MF at 3.5 kHz

+3 dB HF

Background Vocals

+1.5 dB LF

-6 dB MF at 3 kHz

+3 dB HF

Bass Guitar

+2 dB LF

+4 dB MF at 400 Hz
Those are EQ/Filter settings, someone shared with everyone. They are generic settings that are not rite or wrong.

EQ (equalizer) is a controllable audio filter. It allows you to select a frequency or range of frequencys and control there volume. This gives the ability to change the properties of a sound.
It is used to make stuff sound good, and get different tones and such.

But that has nothing to do with monitors! (technically)

A good pair of monitors will let you hear your sound way more accurately then desktop speakers.

you will hear volume differences better, and will have better understanding of your low end (Bass). The culprit to why a mix may sound muddy. It will just all around sound way better, and you will know whats going on with everything that much more.

If you cant afford monitors, then maybe a real nice pair of studio headphones will help. Anything above the 100$ mark- Sennheiser, M-audio, AKG, Sony.
Make sure they are meant for audio monitoring, not just any old pair.

**Just listened to the first track you have in your profile. Cool stuff man, yea it actually sounds decent for using desktop speakers. You have absolutely No Low End in it though.
BASS, there was an absence of it. That is why monitors would help your sound, or headphone monitors.

Hope all that can help you, just noticed how much I wrote haha.

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good, thanks dude i got you, so monitor will def. help. can you recommend me some monitors? i read that headphones arent as good.
I have " Fostex PMO.5's" thats what the model number says.....

Got them back in 04' I beleive, around 250 bucks for the pair.

They are decent. I do wish I could afford a better set though.

These are some brands to check out - Mackie, Tannoy, M-audio, Fostex, Alesis, Yamaha.

Go to sweetwater.com, or another audio website - and take a look, sort by price, check em out.

If you have a certain price range, you will see what is available. Look at the reviews, comments, do your homework before you buy anything basically.

Good luck, Peace.