i like these
mxr carbon copy
danelectro reel echo
boss re-20

what i really want to do is that 'doo doo doo doo', ethereal kind of background ambient noise eric johnson uses when he plays chords over top (you know, kind of a choruse-y shimmer, see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5llfHPzt4H4, the very first few seconds).
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yeah..thats called delay. you should aquire a tc electroinic nova delay. or an eventide.
that was a typo
i ment to put echo/delay, but honestly, they both have a similar meaning

i heard the reel echo has 1.5 of loop, do you think a danelectro pedal is any good, though?
no. pedals arent really that great for delay. or at least thats what ive experienced. they really suck your tone and they sound pretty bad out in front of your amp. something from tc or eventide in the fx loop of your amp wont kil your tone and its much more versitile.
someone has a thing for tc/eventide products.
i'm generally ok with more common products.
check my song "hopefully" for a good example of what it can do. i use a tc electronic rack processor and its basically the same as the nova delay. you really will never get rid of it.
EJ uses an Echoplex tape echo. I haven't found any non-tape delay that does that ambient shimmer quite right. Both analog and digital delays are too up front, and don't fade into the background like a tape unit does.