I'm a new guitarist looking to learn on my own. I was looking at the eMedia Guitar Method software to help get me started properly. Hoped to hear from this community either better suggestions or thoughts on the one I mentioned.

do you have mac?
if not get Audacity
it will help you start, and its free
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i have both Mac and PC

edit: i looked at audacity and it doesn't look like what i'm looking for.

i'm looking for lessons- a teaching tool. something to explain chords, scales, and things i hear ppl talking about on these forums that don't make sense to me (ie pentatonic )
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Guitar Pro can help you with these things. It basically lets you play downloadable tabs and plays along with you while you play. You can download lessons and stuff aswell.
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you should listen to his requests he said learning tools not recording tools

I know you said you were looking for software, but Justin Guitar is pretty good. I also picked up a Book+DVD thing from the bookstore for $10. It's called Electric Guitar by Simon Croft.

Not software, but keep your options open.
thanks for all your replies so far. i took a few lessons and they were great, but couldn't afford them. i am looking at the eMedia software because it seems to give me close to that "live lesson" feel as i can. i haven't done well reading through all the different posts and lessons on guitar sites, though i have tried. the software avenue seems most interactive and able to adapt to my pacing.

the strength/speed lessons are great here, but i'm not good at reading music, most theory (scales/keys/arpegio...) goes over my head, and just reading tab while playing a song and listening to it don't work.

anyway this software seemed to be a good fit- still hoping maybe someone has had experience with it or other lesson-like software.
I use Jamorama. Worked well for the start off. Besides, video tutorials, it comes with some tuning software, guess the note played game and a keep with the tempo software. That's not the names of the software, just thought the by saying that, might help understand a bit.