Im needing to sell my valvetronix pretty quickly. Its in good condition, never gigged and in kept in a smoke free house. I bought it a year ago to tinker and gig with, but never did either. Its a nice practice amp though, especially with the adjustable wattage. some fairly good tones though. A tad dark, but it works well with teles and les pauls, and responds well with stomp boxs. nice built in compression, and the chorus is pretty good.

the amp is in good condition, and the speakers broken in (not that fresh-outta box ice pick sound), the speakers arent bad in this model, and 2x12s are a great combo

im sure all you guys know about this amp though, standard issue and all.

Make me a reasonable offer, and chances are i'll accept it. paypal only. Not really looking for trades.

thank you
ah, forgot to mention. 50 watts, obviously.

and i am on the good traders list, for an international deal no less.
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Shipping to 62454?

thats gonna be 260 shipped total for 5 day shipping
and 270 shipped total for 2 day shipping.
When I get the money together, if no one else has already, I'm deff gonna buy this.. It could be a couple weeks though.

If you can sell it before then, more power to you, just don't give anyone a lower price than what you told me! lol.
hey man, im trying to some money in hand by the 22nd of january. How much do you have/think you will have by then?

PM me.