Topic says it all.

I'm looking to buy a new PRS SE guitar and I'm stuck between the Singlecut and the Custom.

Are there any real differences between these other than the shape of the body?

Does the Singlecut weigh any more than the Custom?

Also, with the Les-Paul style body of the Singlecut, (One that I have NEVER played on before) is it any tougher to reach the higher frets when compared to the Custom style body?

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I have just ordered a PRS SE Single cut. My advice would be to try both out in a decent guitar shop. The reason I bought the Singlecut was it got alot of good reviews not just on this website, it seemed well made and allows me to play the music I wanted. I think the Singlecut would be lighter but have a look and choose whats best for you.

Hmmm, Hopefully guitar center has them in-stock for me to try.

But I am still wondering if the singlecut's design makes it harder to reach the higher frets?

It looks like it would be more difficult when compared to the custom, but I have never played a guitar with that les-paul style body before.
i own a SC as my main guitar... yes it is harder than the custom to reach higher frets... but i love the shape i like it better than the original LP... and for the price I really doubt you could get a better sustain...

the only thing id recomend (if you're reaaaally picky with your tone and setup) that if you go for the tune-o-matic like PRS all in one bridge... change it... for one that lets you intonate the guitar properly...

other than that i love the guitar... maintains good tuning stability (properly setup) and pickups have awesome voice for the price...

also... check Michael Kellys guitars...