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Okay, so one of my best friends is REALLY annoying with music. He takes over my computer and plays the same songs over and over, and I'm not the only one that's bothered by this. Now, we usually hang out at my house, so he's playing these songs on MY computer. Now, rather than just deleting them, I've come up with a bit more creative solution.

I downloaded Never Gonna Give You Up, and put it in my iTunes in place of each of the actual songs. I labeled it as each song. Come tomorrow after school, this fuck is gonna be rickrolled over and over again.

I'm wondering what UG thinks of this, or if any of you have done anything similar.

TL;DR: I swapped a bunch of songs in my iTunes for Rick Rolls to get back at my friend who only listens to a few songs over and over again. Thoughts?
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Oh wait, I'll read your post first. Brb.
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Sounds like you're a great friend, actually.
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Thats kinda funny, and no, you aren't a bad friend based on that.
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That's an awesome idea.
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How are you so fucking awesome at music?

You just gave me the best idea, thank you very much.
*replaces Escape the Fate with Never Gonna Give you up*
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lol i like that

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i would like to make an apology to the following people:

that is all.

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Damn, I wanna do that.
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That is not bad, its great. Just laugh about it and he should do the same. Also act like you don't know what happened. Also set up a hidden camera and videotape it.
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You know, if you tape it and put it on youtube, you could go viral.

It could be like the next rickroll! except it already involves astley... or something...
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You just gave me the best idea, thank you very much.
*replaces Escape the Fate with Never Gonna Give you up*

.... People actually enjoy Escape the Fate?
thats pretty funny. as long as your not an asshole about it i think its hilarious

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Nope, it's just funny

expect some lulz

and if he doesn't laugh, then it means he has no sense of humor and he's a bad friend
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I might do this with my sisters bring me the horizon and chiodos songs...
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that my friend, is just brilliant. BRILLIANT!!!
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Take a picture of his reaction face.
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thats pretty damn funny actually, good job. you should have done a gayer song though, like "i just died in your arms tonight"
Thats actually quite awesome. Your a genious.
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I might do this with my sisters bring me the horizon and chiodos songs...

Those are 2 of the bands that he puts on repeat.
If i was your friend, I'd get a knife and stab you till.. your dead? I'd be ****ing pissed i got rickrolled.
maybe you should also get boozed up, and i can come over and we can all play gamecube. i hope its not a problem but, i like to take my pants off to play gamecube.
I wish my friends would rickroll me like that. All they make me do is LOSE THE GAME
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I wish my friends would rickroll me like that. All they make me do is LOSE THE GAME

Argh thanks a lot dick...
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hehe that's a good idea. please record it and put it on youtube
i just hope you backed up the original songs, otherwise, it might be a dick move.
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Wow. That is an amazing idea. Someone has actually managed to put some originality into a meme which has been overkilled. Kudos.
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you get my thumbs up!! you're not a bad friend at all
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I think its pretty good

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Hahahah dude that's actually very smart.

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