I wrote the purest form of this piece for a writing prompt to help me overcome my writer's block. This is the edited version of my free writing exercise. I am pleased. I hope you enjoy it.


"Three Tarnished Flags, Against a Blue Wall"

Three tarnished, steel flags.
A pale grey-green, but not really.
Anyways, that's not important,
(the color, that is).

It is basically a steel ship.
And at first glance,
You wouldn't be able to recall,
much more than that.

Anyways, these three flags,
the ships most distinct feature,
evoke an image.
An image of three chickens,
after they have hatched.

They set off into the world,
Circa -- the year we navigate,
the Earth.
Though, I see no motive,
but I do see "it",
(and history).

I know by the tarnished color,
that there's a stainless steel ship,
underneath the antique exterior.
And its quite curious,
I think,
that it has never set sail
in water.

I just see one half of the ship,
but that is all I need to see.
It emphasizes a silhouette,
on a dark blue wall,
and that is all.
No data.