Ok, I was doing some thinking about my Edge 3 trem, and I came up with this.

1. My other guitar has a double locking Floyd Rose with a block in it to keep from tuning issues.

2. Can I do the same to the Edge 3?

3. Can someone give me instructions on how to do so?

I thought for a while that my ESP Standard Flame Maple had a special trem that didn't ever require extra lengthy tuning, lol.
1.) k, coo.
2.) yes.
3.) same way you'd do it to any other, take a look at your ESP and try and do the same thing.

if you can't,


I meant like what specs do I need like,

1. How high to make it

2. How long to make it

3. What Material do I use

I didn't put the bar in myself, so I am clueless,lol