I was thinking about buying a "volume box" for my tube amp, so I can get awesome tube overdrive at low-ish volume levels. Then I realized from the cheap looking construction that it was probably just a pot in a box with two jacks. Here's my question: Does anyone know how to wire one, or (better yet) have a wiring diagram for one? All it does is control the volume of the speaker (it says).

Copy/Paste to see what I'm talking about:

I think he means how would you make an attenuator.

I'm actually wondering the same thing, because now that I think about it, you perfectly described what quite a few attenuators I've seen look like.
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Bypass, 6dB cut, and 12dB cut. Make sure the 4Ω resistors are at least the rated current of the amp and the 8Ω resistors are at least half. I designed this based off an online design and might build it or buy a TubeJuice, or just not bother. You can use it if you want, though. Tell me it goes if you do. You can add a third stage for an 18dB cut if you don't mind having a lot more tone suck.
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One very common misconception is that the volume box can help get power tube saturation at lower volumes. This is totally false. The volume box, when in the effects loop, is placed BEFORE the power amplification circuit. Turning down the volume of the box is the same as turning down the Master on the drive channel. It's simply lowering the preamp signal, and we need A LOT of signal to drive the power tubes into saturation. DO NOT PUT THE VOLUME BOX BETWEEN THE OUTPUT TRANSFORMER AND THE SPEAKER! It's not designed to go there! If you dismiss this warning I'm not totally certain what will happen (it'll probably fry your volume box then, because there's no load, fry your amp), but I can promise you that it won't be good.

so a 'volume box' wouldnt be what you need.

what you want is an attenuator

I'm too tired atm to find a 'how to' on it, but theres a bunch of how to make a simple L-pad things floating around the interwebs