I'm new to guitar. I've been playing for less than a month. And I'm hoping you guys can point me in the right direction on where to start. I know the parts of a guitar and I'm getting a teacher in the next month or two. I'm wondering what can I do to get a jumpstart on things? Any books you recommend or sites?
find some songs that you would like to learn, which you can make as goals to keep you motivated. start with some chords and easy songs.
Welcome to the wonderful world of the broke, poor guitarist, my friend. I have been playing prob as long as you have, maybe a little longer, and these sites have helped me.



Here are some songs to get you started also...


Do like I did... get a practice schedule. This will really help, or at least it did me.

Good luck
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Well you click lessons and I believe there is a basics button, anyway I bought one of those rock house method DVD's and it worked well for me.
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