Right now I have a Jackson JS20 which is pretty much the bottom of the barrel when it comes to Jacksons. But I just ordered a nice used DK2T and it'll be here sometime this week.

The DK2T has all black hardware and I'm planning on switching it all to chrome since I don't really like black hardware all that much. I pretty much spent all my extra cash on the DK2T and probably won't be able to get some good chromed out tuners for a month or two.

The JS20 has all chrome hardware on it and I plan to use what I can off of it for the new guitar such as the jack plate and knobs. I was wondering about the tuners though. Do you think that my JS20 and the DK2T have the same tuners on them with the only difference being the color? If so, I'll just swap them out.

I think I read somewhere that some Jacksons have Gotoh tuners on them rebranded with the Jackson logo. Since the DK2T is somewhat of a mid-range Jackson, I'm wondering if it'll have the Gotoh's on it or the same cheap-o tuners the JS20 has.

Any info on this is appreciated. Thanks.
I have a DK2M and I believe the tuners are gotoh , im not sure about the lower end ones though.