I mostly play metal/metalcore/hard rock. I've been in a metal band for about 2 years now and thats basically all i play. My father in law plays guitar in a bluesy/jazzy type band and he invited me to jam with him and his buddies. I thought it would be cool, so i did. When we were sitting there jamming i was having a hard time coming up with anything to go along with what they were doing. I did my thing a few times but I just struggled to adjust to a style that was different from what I was used to. I think i came away with an understanding that its good to broaden my horizons so to speak. Has anyone else had an experience like this?
I had basically the opposite when I went to meet my bands other guitarist, who is a shredder. I can't seem to break my bluesy roots to the point of metal leads though.

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Yup, I have had such an experience. And now that I've broadened my horizons, I can pretty much do everything
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Alex Skolnick (Testament) had a similar experience when he transitioned from metal and into doing a jazz combo for a few years.

He's back in Testament, but he speaks a lot about what he learned over the course of practicing for and recording those 3 albums.

Me? I'm still learning.
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I thought your headline was about a Chris Squire Album (an excellent one)
Never heard of this Chris Squire, but I'll check him out...

EDIT: Not my cup o' tea, but certainly not bad stuff.
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