I am installing a Floyd Rose on a non FR guitar. Im going to just flush mount it cause I dont want to route out for it... But I was wondering about installing a FR locking nut... I know that I dont absolutely have to put one on but it would be nice to help tuning stability... Im hardly going to use the trem but... I want it on there... So how would I put a locking nut onto my guitar? Its an Ibanez RG170 if that helps... I dont want to mess up intonation by carving into the first fret to make room for it and it doesnt seem like it will fit over the truss rod cover, so I need some help...
well usually the locking nut is the major plus of floyd as you can obviously lock your tuning in place otherwise it will go out of tune every time you use it
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1. measure the action AT THE NUT.
2. pull off the old nut.
3. sand flush.
4. take FR nut and place against the fretboard where the old nut was.
5. If there's a difference in the strings' actions, shim the nut until it's the same (or to your liking) if not, proceed to:
6. Mount the nut (presumably with screws).

should be, unless your nut is in a slot, in which case you'll have to file it down.

either way, it shouldn't be hard.

the floyd will be your challenge. have you looked into other top-mount trems? or are you dead set on a floyd?

Im not dead set on the Floyd it was just the first one that came to mind that would use my guitars stock 2 7/8" on center stud mount holes...
Is that standard with an Edge II?

maybe you could invest in a ZR? they are, IMO, the best trem offered by Ibanez.

For a bit better tuning stability then that cheap sh*t FAT 20 bridge... I didnt know I needed to ask your permission for using a FR bridge...
I think he didn't want to route, so it'd be a 'dive-only' floyd...

Just make sure that the end of the locking nut is where the original nut is (so that you don't shorten the 1st fret as you mentioned). I would recommend that you get a top mount locking nut if this is your first install...the bottom ones can be a b*tch. Also, if you are flush mounting the floyd, you may have to shim the neck to bring the action down (if your guitar was a hardtail or had a vintage style trem originally). I just went through all of this when I was building my Frankenstrat.
Heres the best pics of the bridge that I have that I could get so yall can get an idea of how difficult this should be and maybe yall can help guide me through it...

Routing for the locking nut will probably be the hardest. The studs on your bridge may fit a FR so you wont have to re-drill.
Yeah, the stud spacing for the tremolo is 2 7/8" on both the current tremolo and the one I plan on getting, so I shouldn't have to re-drill anything unless the studs are of a different size or something, but I doubt that...

But would I have to route for the nut or shim it? Because on the headstock side of the nut it starts sloping down to the tuners... Not much mind you, but enough to notice the slope... And if I take the truss rod cover off it should go on a little bit easier...
I routed my neck for the locking nut using a dremel...after measuring MANY TIMES and only routing a little at a time, then test fitting, etc. Then I shimmed the neck using a guitar pick in the neck pocket to angle the neck up so that the action wasn't so high on the higher frets.