Or will I have to get a 2-way switch?

Because I just did this mod with the 3-way switch, and it doesn't seems like it changed anything. It seems like the switch positions go:
1st position: 9v
2nd position: Passive (Pretty much nothing. More like a noisy killswitch.)
3rd position: 9v

I can hear no difference in the two outer positions, and I don't think it's doing anything.

Do I need a two-way?
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I think you'll want a 2-way:

A = 9V
B = 18V

If you look in the EMG 18V thread, you should find what you need, homes.

Yeah, I looked in there, and posted.

But sadly enough, no one has helped me out.

Thanks for your input though. Right now it seems like I drilled a hole through my guitar, cluttered up the electronics, and installed a switch for nothing. And honestly, that realllly pisses me off.

Either that, or my ears aren't keen enough to pick up a change in the two outer settings, or I could blame it on my crappy Spider III which I am soon replacing. No more solid states for me.
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There is definitely a difference. Invader Jim should have a solution to this, I'm almost positive I've seen it somewheres.

I'll go digging, and hopefully Jim will see this and throw you a line

Thanks bro. I owe you one. Man, you are "THE Baddest Mofo!"
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I would love you forever. First person to sig me! Whoo!
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I never thought this day would come...

I. am. GOD!
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Honestly, I'm still kinda bummed though. Would a new switch fit the same hole?
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Thanks for the help though man. I'll go to Radioshack tomorra.
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EMGs dont really mix with solid sate amps, they are designed to drive tube amps, that could be a problem and you cant hear the difference.

Here is a temoporary harness that allows you to plug 18V into a 9V battery snap, may be you should test 9V versus 18V with that so that you know you can hear a difference and then add a switch.

Also you say you 'didnt get a reply from the 18V mod thread' you left 1 hour before posting there and creating this thread, you have to leave at least two days before bumping to try and get a responce, this is not a chat room.

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If I use the guide for connecting a switch to the 18v mod, and I'm using a 3-way switch, wouldn't it still work? This is the guide I'm using, bottom of first post: Here

If I'm using the 3-way switch, it would still work though, because in the A position, the wire to the initial battery is connected, along with the positive connection from the added 9v battery.

In the B postion, just the wire to the initial battery is connected, but without a full circut, nothing happens, it's just basically a very very weak passive pickup, more like a kill switch.

In the C postion, just the connection to the input jack (ground) and the negative wire from the added battery are connected, along with the wire to the initial battery. Which is what completes that circut and makes it run off of only one 9v battery.

So after my analysis, I've concluded that:
In the A postion, it's running 18 volts
In the B position, it's basically a noisy killswitch
In the C position, it's running 9 volts.

Am I right?
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