Do you guys ever feel like no amount of time and effort will get you sounding as good as the songs you hear on the recorded tracks? Now granted I haven't even been playing for 2 years, I still feel like I could hit every note in perfect time, nail the tone, and still sound "off" compared to the record track. I feel like each repeated bar of music will sound a little different than the one before because I'm human and I may not hit the string exactly the same way at the same angle with the pick, yet in the actual song riff sounds exactly the same every single bar, as if it was almost looped.

In other words, how do you think our favorite artists benefit from studio remastering, $$$ amps/pedals/speakers/software to make their songs sound so perfect - or are they just insanely good. You gotta admit that even the deathcore screamo teenage bands still have prestine sounding clean riffs and pefectly muted distortion choruses whether or not you like the music itself..
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when you go into a studio the process is basically, tune/record/tune/record the same part again/ tune/ record the same part again/ and repeat and repeat till you have it perfect. also all the levels and pitches are all fixed and all that fun stuff in mixing and mastering. and yeah, a lot of **** is looped. if you listen to some crazy blast beat/gravity blast or anything in a death metal song its basically 90% of the time recorded slowly and then sped up and a lot of stuff is just copied and pasted too lol
You've gotta love ProTools, Time and Pitch Shift functions mean that you don't have to play in time or sing in key anymore.
There's a whole lot of processing in the studio. The shape and soundproofing of the rooms, the microphones, the preamps and mixer circuits, any and all outboard equipment like compressors, limiters and other effects shape what you hear on the recording. Hard to do on consumer and even most "pro-sumer" gear in our homes.

Build a home-studio with a well-designed sound room to put your amp in, put some good mics on it and run them through some good preamps and mixer channels with a couple rack units and a pair of reference monitors and you're almost there.
Agree with the above there are alot of changes made before the record is actually finished most of the time. Also I dont think you ever can sound exactly like someone elses guitar track because everyone has a different style of playing. Even though slash is one of my idols I dont try to play exactly like him because exact emulation of any player is pointless and IMO impossible.
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