I'm debating if i should get the Peavey Vypyr in 30 or save up a bit more for the 75 watt....i will be playing gigs about the size of...(if you ha been to Atlanta the size of Heaven at the Masquerade)...it's like a big bar that can hold like 400-500 people...so 75? i am a cheapo and wanna save money but dont wanna not have enough power for the gigs lol.

or do you suggest another amp in same price range for Megadeth and Ozzy Osbourne like stuff?
In a venue of that size they should have a fairly kick'n PA system, and they'll mike everything up... The Blind Pig here in Ann Arbor isn't even a 400 capacity venue and they've got something like 12,000 watts of PA on tap. If 30 watts is loud enough to keep pace with your drummer, it's loud enough for the venues.
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