Ok so, I play guitar a lot, and I tend to forget the awesome riffs that I come up with, I was wandering if there was a program out there that would allow me to go from my amp to my computer, like, a simple easy to use program, but good.. eh, whatever.
youd be better off getting an adapter to plug your guitar into .. which would then go to your computer.
If your amp has a "Line Out", then you can plug that straight into your PC. If not, you can use the headphone jack if it has one.
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You could use audacity to record from your amp. I use it for all my recordings. It's free as well. Just have to get an adapter and a cord to get your amp to plug into your computer's line in jack.

Yeah. Use Audacity.
audacity beta...it has effects on it too...plus you can record many tracks (e.g. left guitar, rhythm, right guitar) awesome for harmonies haha
You should use guitar pro, or Power Tab

Power tab is free but guitar pro is amazing

Every song that i've ever composed started on Guitar Pro
it allows you to play a midi version of your song/riff it includes a realistic sound engine which sounds great
It's Perfect so that u don't forget

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