So, I've been wanting to get a second guitar to play in standard (my current is set up right now to play in C standard, and the srtings are way too thick to play in anything higher.)
I have a Dean EVO that i tried to fix when I really knew nothing about the guitar, so its got this disgusting buzz, but I really like the neck so I want to build a body onto it.

I've always wanted a classic V so I figured thats a good way to go, but I'm broke, so I'm going tommorow to go see how much a good sized slab of alder is. Then after that i think I'll only really be able to afford a prewired pickguard and input jack from guitar fetish (I'll cut the pickguard to fit - hopefully). Straplocks and bridge I can use from the old guitar too, even thouh i would really like to have a guitar with a trem.

Really all I'm asking before I get started is if anyody sees any isues with my plan so far, and if anybody knows how i could get a trem (floyd rose) to put on for cheap?
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Guitarfetish.com has some cheap ones.

to be honest I really just dont know how to set it up, the ones that are $60 on there, the things pictured are all you need right? and i would just have cut out an extra indentation on the bottom to hook up the springs? thats it?