Since no one knows its my BD on UG i thought i'd make a happy BD threat myself (rather sad isnt it?)

Anyhow if theres anyone born today to (or in the near past and/or future) GZ
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In the good old days of PS2 sony would send me out new consoles for fun!

PS2 just died for no reason? new console : )
Coffee spilt all over it? new console : )
Got pissed on in the night???? new console : )

I miss pissing on consoles : (
lol i'm not giving you anything.
I can honestly say I have really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

I don't always post on UG, but when I do, I post in the Pit. Stay thirsty my friends.
Happy birthday.

"The future's uncertain, and The End is always near."
-Jim Morrison
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happy bday...loser!

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Have to give you props that the funniest post I read in a while
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hazardmaster has won this thread.

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Happy Birthday!...here is a software icon.
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And happy festivus for the rest of us.
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You are EXTREMELY WRONG! I have played it. I own an 18W and it would be an awful stereo amp, it's way too bright, breaks up too easily and so on. Secondly, why would a guitar store sell an hifi amp.
Who da man?

You da man.
"The future's uncertain, and The End is always near."
-Jim Morrison
Same here. My birthday today as well. Gratz!
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